Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mini update!

Not a lot to report, but I wanted to show off my growing belly! Maddie is getting stronger and has several "dance parties" every day. Feeling her move is definitely the best part of being pregnant. She was even kind enough to wake me up when I overslept the other day :P. Mike has felt her several times now and says she's a DDR champ in the making.I also have a couple of nursery additions! I went down to Greenville and picked out my glider at USA Baby, and it is awesome! It is soooo comfy and cute. Here's the chair:

And here's the fabric we ordered it in. It's hot pink (of course!) microfiber.

Last but not least, an adorable picture that I found at a cute shop in Greenville. It couldn't be any more perfect! Madeline picture for little Madeline :).

That's it for now! Next appointment won't be 'til early May, so until then I'll just be enjoying the dance parties and stuffing my face trying to gain more weight!