Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hungry Hungry Hippo

I have a feeling I'll be seeing this face a lot in about 13 years.

I took Maddie to the pediatrician today to get her checked out b/c she's been acting a little fussy lately (and by fussy, I mean screaming and writhing in pain after every feeding). The bad news is the doctor thinks she has reflux. The good news is she may not be possessed by the devil after all. We have some meds to try, so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. She weighed 7lbs today!!! This is great progress. Average weight gain for her age is around 1 oz/day. She has gained 21 oz in 13 days, so she really is trying to catch up to all the other babies! She gets the competitiveness from her daddy.

That's pretty much the only new news. She is having more awake periods during the day, and I can tell that she is getting a lot more interested in the world around her. I will catch one of her big grins on camera soon- they are ridiculously cute! In the meantime, if anyone has some extra sleep laying around, send it our way!