Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My little mermaid

beach edit

Last week, a large group of the Humphries/Crosby/Hoover women decided to take a little girls weekend trip to Charleston. It was a blast! I am blessed to have a hilarious group of women in my family and it couldn't have been a better trip.

On Thursday morning, my mom, Maddie and I arrived, picked up Kat (she is a sophomore at the College of Charleston) and headed to the aquarium. It was pretty cool- it's been years since I've been to an aquarium and obviously it was Maddie's first time. Her eyes got huge when we walked into the room with the 2-story tank. After about 20 minutes she was more interested in climbing the stairs than looking at the fish, but we still had a good time.

On Thursday night, Nancy, Cyndi, Kelly and Sarah joined the party and we celebrated Mom's birthday! On Friday Haven and Louise rolled in and we all hung out on the beach and at the house. It was very relaxing. This was Maddie's first time seeing the beach/ocean! It was so much fun- she loved it! She got so excited when she saw the ocean, and ran straight in and started playing. We weren't able to stay out too long, b/c it was only in the 70's and the water was a little chilly, so Mads was blue and shivering before long (although it didn't seem to bother her!). On Friday night, some extended family that lives in Charleston joined us for wine and snacks- yum! It was great to see most of the Charleston crew. We stayed up late with board games, drinks and a LOT of laughing.

On Saturday we checked out a local festival and ended up eating at a FABULOUS restaurant called Taco Boy for lunch. If you're ever in Folly Beach, you need to eat there. It was SO GOOD! Then we hung out at the beach some more that afternoon. Saturday night we met up with our Charleston family again and went out to dinner at a yummy seafood restaurant on the pier.

Sunday we visited the GORGEOUS new residence of my great-aunt and uncle, Jane and Mason, and said our goodbyes. Mom had a sorority luncheon to attend with Kat, so Maddie and I toured downtown Charleston, which was lots of fun. We ate lunch, played on the Cistern and saw lots of horses walk by (very exciting for Mads).

All in all it was a fabulous trip, and hopefully it we will do it again someday! Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend, and a link to all of them!

Maddie checking out the fish at the aquarium:

Looking at jellyfish with aunt Kat:

Maddie sees the ocean for the first time!

This is cool!

The waves kept knocking her over, but she didn't mind- just kept licking her lips wondering what that salty taste was!

Had no interest in the shells- just wanted to play in the water!

Sarah and Mom at our dinner on the pier

Kat hanging out with Mads at her house

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In your Easter bonnet...

I'm a little late, but Happy Easter! We had a low key Easter this year, we just went to church and let Mads discover her Easter basket- which she was totally unimpressed with. A week before, Mike took her to an Easter egg hunt at the WRAL gardens, so she got to see the Easter bunny there. She was pretty unimpressed with him too- really, unless you are a Yo Gabba Gabba character, this baby is tough to wow.

Here are some of my favorite Easter pics!
Obligatory Easter bunny pic
Clearly she is an awesome Easter egg finder

A few from our Easter photoshoot- Maddie was SO not
in the mood for pictures that morning!

Easter morning, checking out her loot

The whole fam in front of the flower cross at church

And finally, a couple of the crazy girl in her cute
Easter attire