Monday, February 9, 2009

6 months old!


6 month stats:
Height: 24.75 inches, 25th%
Weight: 13 lb 9.5 oz, 10th%
Head: 41.5 cm, 25th %

Mom and I took Maddie for her 6 month appt today! All in all, it went very well. The pedi is a little concerned about her gross motor skills (sitting up, rolling both ways, putting weight on feet, etc), but said that we'll give her until her 9 month appt to catch up before she'll want to do anything about it. If she's still struggling with these skills at 9 months, we'll probably be starting some physical therapy to work on her strength. She's meeting all of her language, behavioral/emotional and fine motor skills just fine.

We also got a referral to see a cranial something or other specialist in Chapel Hill to see if she needs to wear one of these beautiful helmets. B/c Maddie only liked to look to the left for the first few months of her life, the left side of her head is quite flat in the back. The pedi said it's not the worst she's seen, but it was bad enough that she thinks we should get a specialist's opinion about it. Mommy has heard that these helmets are quite pricey, so she's thinking we might just pray that Maddie gets her Daddy's thick hair to cover up that flat spot. But if we have to end up getting one, let's just hope they come in pink!

She did well with her shot and we got the green light to do solids! The pedi said she only needs to oatmeal for 1 week before she starts trying solids since we waited til 6 months. She wants Maddie to have no more than 2 solid meals a day until her 9 month appt though, b/c she already drinks the bare minimum of formula and she doesn't want her losing any more calories.

We did give her oatmeal yesterday on her half-birthday, and it was pretty funny! Here's a video for the die-hard Maddie fans (it's over 3 minutes long) and some pictures if you're short on time :). As you can probably tell from the pics, she was very sleepy! She probably only ate a half teaspoon of oatmeal, but she seemed to like it ok.

I'm sure I'll have more entertaining pics to come when we try sweet potatoes next week!


Nate's Mama said...

Aw, she is so cute! She has gotten so big. :) Good luck with the specialist. When is your appt?

UNCJenny said...

Thanks Callie! They are supposed to call us to set up an appointment, so I'm not sure yet. Hopefully soon since she's already 6 months!

John Humphries said...

Definitely her Mama's baby. That is the same face you would make if someone tried to give you oatmeal. She is thinking, "Where is the steak and twice baked potato"! And she always knew just where the camera was... just like her Mom.