Thursday, December 3, 2009

15 month-ish checkup and Santa

Maddie had her 15 month appt today- although she will be 16 months in 4 days. Mommy got a little behind there. It went as well as a pediatrician's appointment can go with a toddler. Meaning she had a great time until the doctor wanted to look at her. For some reason, Maddie absolutely HATES when a doctor tries to look in her ears, and pitches a big old fit over it.

She had to get 2 shots today too, so there were lots of tears. She's usually just fine once Mommy picks her up though, and all was forgiven by the time we were back in the lobby. She played (meaning, she tried to eat) her sticker the whole way home.

She is sticking right onto her growth curve, right arount 18% for height and weight. Today she was 21 lbs and 29.5 inches.

My mom is in town, so we met up with Mike at the mall after lunch to get Maddie's picture taken with Santa Claus. I wasn't quite sure what to expect- Maddie is very friendly, but I know Santa scares a lot of toddlers. And last year she wasn't really old enough to know what was going on. She did great though! She thought Santa was really funny, and gave his beard a couple of good tugs to make sure he was the real deal.

Here's her picture, I have to apologize for the quality. It cost eleventy billion dollars to buy the digital copy, so I just got a couple of prints and took pictures of those. Apparently $20 does not equal good printing quality nowadays. But she had fun and it was fun for us too!


John Humphries said...

YAY Maddie!

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