Sunday, April 11, 2010

In your Easter bonnet...

I'm a little late, but Happy Easter! We had a low key Easter this year, we just went to church and let Mads discover her Easter basket- which she was totally unimpressed with. A week before, Mike took her to an Easter egg hunt at the WRAL gardens, so she got to see the Easter bunny there. She was pretty unimpressed with him too- really, unless you are a Yo Gabba Gabba character, this baby is tough to wow.

Here are some of my favorite Easter pics!
Obligatory Easter bunny pic
Clearly she is an awesome Easter egg finder

A few from our Easter photoshoot- Maddie was SO not
in the mood for pictures that morning!

Easter morning, checking out her loot

The whole fam in front of the flower cross at church

And finally, a couple of the crazy girl in her cute
Easter attire

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momo said...

Still lol at the panties on her head! Love it!! (save this one for the senior annual)