Friday, August 22, 2008

She's huuuuge

Happy 2 weeks to Maddie! She had a doctor's appointment today and it went really well! Well, actually she started screaming to be fed on the way there (even though I fed her right before we left), and even though I fed her in the car before going inside, she still cried the whole time we were in the waiting room. Then she peed on my hand/all over the floor when I was putting her on the scale to be weighed. And then had to be fed again before the doctor came in. But it was our first trip out alone, so I guess overall it went well!

She is up to 5 lbs 11 oz today! And is almost 19 inches long. So all that eating she's been doing (and let me just tell you- this child is exactly like her mommy...if she's awake, she needs to be eating to be happy) has done a lot of good. I guess that makes me sacrificing my sleep worth it! She's been eating pretty much every 1-2 hours most of the day and night, with a couple of 3 hour stretches thrown in there (and sometimes one of those even happens at night!). She's kind of a slow eater too (again, just like mommy) so she's somewhat of a permanent fixture on my chest. I guess she's got a little catching up to do. Breastfeeding has been our biggest challenge so far, with the frequent feeding and some latching issues it's been painful. But I'm hoping it will be second nature soon, and I think we are getting the hang of it.

Everything is going well! Mom was here for the first week and half and cleaned the house from top to bottom and kept us full of delicious meals (and she changed just a few stinky diapers too). Dad and Kat came back up last weekend and Dad did a ton of yard work and Kat took more great pictures! So we had lots of help during that first tough week. I am feeling really good though, much better than I thought I would so soon after the c-section, so we are now figuring out how to take care of the baby (and ourselves) on our own. So far so good, although I'm sure I'll be wanting mom to come back and visit soon- with all the cooking she does it's easy to keep this weight on! Mike and I are definitely missing that thing called sleep, but I think we're just going to have to wait a few months (or maybe years!) to sleep through the night again. I'm just looking forward to the night when 2 hours of sleep in a row is no longer so exciting.

Maddie is just the cutest and sweetest little baby around! We love just sitting and watching her make funny faces in her sleep. She's getting more and more alert and I know she is going to change so much in the next few weeks! I will try and keep the blog updated as much as I can. I am also trying to upload pictures every few days so I can show off her adorableness! I have put all of her pictures on a website- and the password is maddiegrace.

Thank you SO much to everyone for the calls and cards and gifts and words of encouragement and congratulations. Maddie is such a blessing and we can't wait to introduce her to everyone!

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