Tuesday, August 5, 2008

37.5 weeks!

Update time! I had my external version last Tuesday and I think "sucky" really sums it up. How's that for showing off my vocabulary? We got to the hospital at 9 and they couldn't find my chart, so I wasn't even hooked up to the monitors until about 10. It took the doctors another hour and a half to make their way into the room to do the version. I was surprised by how much it hurt. It definitely surpassed uncomfortable and was quite painful, but it helped that it wasn't indefinite pain. They took a break after a couple of minutes b/c Maddie's heartbeat was dropping. It bounced back quickly, so they tried for a little bit longer. They weren't able to get her all the way turned though, just halfway. They were hoping she'd stay sideways and then go head down once I went into labor, but no such luck. She turned back up in less than an hour!

They continued to monitor both of us for another couple of hours. Maddie's heartbeat was fine almost immediately after it was over, but they were a little concerned b/c mine was really fast (it stayed in the 120's-140's the whole time we were there) and I was having a few contractions. I grew increasingly cranky b/c I hadn't eaten anything since the night before and they wouldn't let me have anything to eat/drink until they were sure I wasn't going into labor. So all in all it was not a good experience, but I don't regret trying it. I'm sure I would've felt a lot differently about it if it had worked!

So at my appointment yesterday we went ahead and scheduled my c-section for Tuesday, August 19th. It's scheduled for 11:30, but obviously women who are in labor and/or need an emergency c/s will be more of a priority, so there is no telling what time it'll actually happen. Based on my other experiences at UNC, we should expect to have her by Friday.

And of course there is still a chance that she could flip and I will be able to go into labor...fingers are crossed! But she sure does seem to like the position she is in. I can't say I blame her. I'm not a big fan of being upside down either.

But at least we have a real end in sight! I know my mom is laughing at me now, but I was just sure that I was going to have her in early August. I am glad we were prepared for her to be early though, b/c I am not at all stressed out and I'm enjoying the last few weeks b/c everything is done and ready to go. As long as I spend most of the day resting I am feeling really great! So she can hang out in there as long as she wants (especially if she is just waiting to flip!). My nesting instinct has come and gone. I'm hoping it'll make at least one more appearance so I can get the house nice and clean before I never have time ever again :P.

I also know that a few people have asked about good hotel options for coming to visit the baby, so here are a couple of options. Raleigh actually has a surprising lack of good hotels, but either of these would be a good choice.
Brier Creek Hampton Inn- brand new, supposed to be really nice. It's in a great area with lots of restaurants and shopping. It's on the way to our house if you're coming from 85N/40E, but it's about 20-25 minutes away.
Capital Blvd Hampton Inn- a little older, but we've driven past it and it looks pretty nice. Near lots of restaurants and shopping and less than 10 minutes from our house.

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