Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time for an update!

It's been awhile! My port surgery went well, I was pretty sore for a few days but it was actually much easier recovery than I remembered. My mom was a huge help, she came up and stayed with us here for a few days, and then Maddie and I travelled to SC to stay with her and my dad for a week so I could have a little break from full time baby duty while I recovered. Mike missed us both, but luckily he had March Madness to distract him.

Maddie had her first cold while I was recovering- it was so pitiful! She didn't actually get that sick, she just had a really stuffy nose for about a week. She did have a little fever one night, but it went down quickly with some Tylenol. Even though it (thankfully) did not develop into anything serious, we did have to endure many days of saline drops and the nasal aspirator to keep her clear enough to eat- and that was not a fun task. Maddie is NOT a fan and doesn't hesitate to let you know. On what was probably the worst night, she ended up sleeping in her carseat in her crib to keep her head elevated so she could breathe. Hey, whatever works!

But that's over now, we're home and life is back to normal! Maddie took a little break from solids when she was sick (and immediately got constipated again) but now she's back on track. She is proving to be way too much like her mommy when it comes to veggies. So far the only vegetable she will consistently eat is a sweet potato. We will keep trying them and hopefully she will get used to them, but right now she tends to spit them in my face. She's a bit more adventurous with fruits (although she doesn't really like apples- what a weirdo!). Pears are by far her fave, although she won't hesitate to gobble down some blueberries or banana.

She also loves pretty much anything you put in her mesh feeder, so far I've tried ice, green apples, red apples, blueberries and black beans. For snacking, and practicing feeding herself, she loves puffs and Mum-mums. I let her feed herself some table foods if I think she won't choke on them, and so far she seems to like that- although WOW what a mess! Baths are becoming more and more frequent.

Maddie still isn't sitting up unsupported, but I think she's getting really close now. I haven't gotten a pic or video of it yet, I'll have to do that soon. I think she's going to be really late to walk too, b/c she still doesn't put any weight on her feet if you try to stand her up. But I've decided that it's fine with me- just means I'll be able to enjoy having a non-mobile baby a little bit longer than most people!

Here are some new videos I took recently:
Eating a pickle at Bruggers- eeewww (she liked it, I thought it was gross)!
Eating a slice of avocado- she loved it! And officially become a professional mess maker

When I was in SC, my mom and I had a dress making competition to see who could make Maddie the cutest dress. We went the easy route (good for me b/c I've never made any clothing before!) and bought t-shirts at Target. Then we just made the skirts and ironed on a cut out design. I think mom won the contest, but I'm very proud of my first dress too :). We both made them a little too short, so the search is on for matching bloomers I guess!

Mom's dress

My dress


Kat said...

she is SO presh. I miss her! and you :P

momo said...

Stripped down for the thinking! Just a quick run through the hose and she's good to go! Sure do miss her being here!!