Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Videos galore!

Mike got me this for my birthday (well, birthday/Valentine's day, that's why I already have it!) and I've been going crazy making videos of Miss Mads. I'm going to include some links for the videos I've uploaded to You Tube (see end of post for links).

Maddie has gotten so much better in the last couple of weeks with her head/body control. She still isn't sitting up on her own, but she's getting close and she can sit up well enough for us to put her in shopping carts and high chairs when we go out.

She figured out how to make a "buh" sound in the last couple days, and she can't seem to get enough of it. It is SO cute! I can't believe my little tiny baby is on her way to talking. I have a feeling she's going to be quite the chatterbox :).

We had another snow (pretty, but I am SO ready for warm weather!) and Maddie was much happier about being outside in the cold this time. Here's my favorite pic of her in the snow this time, plus I'm including the picture of last time for contrast, lol! I also have to include the picture of her wearing this same hat the day after she was born- she has finally grown into it!

Mike and I took her to the doctor last Saturday b/c she was being very fussy, screaming when we put her in her crib (very unlike her), letting me rock her to sleep (also very unlike her) and pulling on her ear a lot, so we thought she might have an ear infection. Turns out she did not, but they weighed her and she was 14 lb 7 oz! That's only 2 weeks after her 6 month appointment when she weighed 13 lb 10 oz. Quite the gain in 2 weeks! Guess those solids are packing on the pounds.

Speaking of solids, feeding them to Maddie has been nothing short of hilarious. So far we've given her oatmeal (likes it), sweet potatoes (loves them- her favorite food), avocados (hates them), carrots (likes them), peas (doesn't like them), pears (loves them), apples (likes them) and green beans (hates them). We've got to work on those green veggies, it looks like she's got her mommy's taste buds right now.

I am having surgery to replace my portacath on Tuesday, so my mom will be coming up to Raleigh to help me take care of Maddie for the rest of that week (I don't think I'll be able to pick her up for a while b/c of soreness). Then Maddie and I will be headed back down to Greenville with mom for about a week and a half, so she can continue to help while I heal. Mike is already so sad about spending such a long time away from Mads (and me....but mostly Mads, lol!), but I think he will enjoy watching the ACC tourney in peace and he will be coming down to Greenville for my birthday weekend. And since we'll be in Greenville on the 22nd, we'll have free babysitters and can go out for my birthday! Then mom and I will be seeing Legally Blonde (SO EXCITED!) on the 24th before I head back up to Raleigh.

Guess that's enough info for one update! Enjoy the pics and videos and I'll be sure to update when Maddie has her 7 month appt next week with her gigantic height and weight!

Video links:
Maddie laughing/being silly this is my fave!

Watching Baby Einstein #1 she LOVES the puppets on these videos

Watching Baby Einstein #2 gets very excited when watching this

Trying to eat non-pureed apple FAIL

In the snow she loved the snowflakes hitting her face!

In her jumper this was after she had been in it for about 10 minutes, so she was starting to lean, lol


momo said...

Maddie has changed so much! It's amazing how much she can do now. I love watching her grow....

Kristen said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Our daughters are roughly the same age. :)