Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First haircut!

Maddie got her first haircut today! I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about it yet (that's :) or :( in the blog world I guess). I think it will look a lot better once it grows out now, b/c it's all even. But I miss my baby's long hair!

Maddie did great. She got to sit in a tractor, and they had a huge video collection (that's right- video! they are old school) that we got to pick from so she could have a distraction. We chose an Elmo sing along tape, which may not have been the best option b/c Maddie really likes to dance and wiggle her head to music. But the stylist has clearly cut a 13 month old's hair before and was done in 2 minutes flat, so it wasn't too big of a deal that Maddie had trouble sitting still.

We decided not to touch her bangs, b/c we want those to grow out, but the back was a hot mess and most of the time it looked like she had a rat tail. So the stylist evened it out and made it into a little bob, which is pretty adorable.

After the haircut, Maddie got to taste her first lollipop. But then Mommy realized she didn't want Maddie to have it in the car, where she'd probably either choke on it or stick it in her hair. So Mommy took it away and that made Maddie veeeery sad. At least she had fun during the haircut! And her mean, mean Mommy thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the grape lollipop on the way home. Hey- I deserve it for being such an awesome blog updater, right?


Nate's Mama said...

CUUUUUTE haircut!

Swansons said...

OMG that is soo cute seeing her in the chair with poncho, hair clip etc!

Jamie McQ said...

omgoodness... she's too cute. Love the bob!