Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm learning that quiet usually equals trouble...

Maddie loves to crawl around and explore the house now, and we are *usually* right with her all the time. But the house is child-proofed, and we keep all of the doors closed, so if she crawls out of sight for a few seconds, it's usually not a big deal.

On Sunday, Maddie pitter pattered off into the hallway, where we assumed all the doors were closed as usual. Guess one wasn't closed all the way though, and after a minute or so I noticed that the house was suspiciously babble-free. Since it was unlikely that Maddie was playing quietly in the hall by herself, we jumped up and there she was- sitting in the bathroom pulling toilet paper off the roll!

She's been eyeing that toilet paper a lot lately, I bet she was thrilled to find a way in and check it out. Luckily we got to her before she made too much of a mess! I imagine we're in for many more "surprises" around here in the next few years :).

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Anonymous said...

News flash: you are going to be surprised for the next 18 years! LOL!