Monday, October 26, 2009

Poop Bites, Ketchup and Halloween Costumes

We had a fun time at a Halloween party this weekend- some friends and I rented a shelter at Raleigh's big park downtown and we all brought our families to the kids could show off their cute costumes! It was an awesome park, it has a carousel, train and multiple playgrounds. Maddie had a great time with everyone, and Mike and I had fun talking to the other parents while we took turns chasing Maddie down.

My apologies to any of the babies that Maddie stole snacks and/or toys from- her lack of nap seemed to make her super hyper yesterday! I still don't understand how the child crawls across pavement like it's a soft mat. Maddie was giving kisses like they were going out of style yesterday- even to her friend Holly's bunny tail, lol!

Maddie had a great time on the carousel, although we had to wait about 5 minutes for it to start after we got on, so she was kind of over it before it began. Here is a video of her waiting on the carousel to start and one of her during the ride. I was hoping we'd be able to go on a train ride too, but it was late afternoon and Miss Mads was ready to head home.

In other news, I had a total cooking FAIL when I tried to make a toddler snack called broccoli bites for the party. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong, but they came out looking like piles of mushy dog poop and Maddie almost barfed when I let her try one. The dogs seemed to like them ok.

I had planned on using those broccoli bites a few times this week for Maddie's meals, but since they were nothing short of disgusting, I bought some frozen organic broccoli mini quiches instead. Even though it looked much more appetizing than my poop bites, the smell almost made me vomit when I took it out of the microwave- probably should've guessed at that point that Maddie wasn't going to like it!

Of course, she didn't, but they were kind of expensive and I didn't want to waste it so I broke out the ketchup. That's right, I'm already bribing my 14.5 month old to eat with ketchup. But hey- it worked! She loved the ketchup and ate every single bite of that broccoli quiche. I'll just think of it as a broccoli quiche with a side of tomatoes (and sugar).


Kat said...

bahah she is your daughter. smother it in ketchup and take some no thank you bites...!

John Humphries said...

Applesauce was your bribe of choice at that age... The ketchup came later.

momo said...

I'd like to put in an order for doo-doo balls....I mean broccoli bites....

AmericanTribal said...

Maddie is so cute!
I gave you the One Lovely Blog Award :)
I have the button on my blog if you'd like to collect it! :)