Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Whole Lotta Happy

We've had such a busy week! Now that Maddie is feeling good again, we have been out and about. On Tuesday we went to Marbles, which is an awesome kid's museum in Raleigh. I liked it so much the first time we visited that we bought a membership. It's great to have something we can always do on a rainy or cold day, and Marbles is so cool that it can easily keep a toddler entertained for 2 hours- and anyone that has spent any time with a 15 month old knows that's no easy feat!

On Tuesday we went with Maddie's BFF Jack. They always have fun playing together (or at least beside each other) and Jack's mom Ashley and I enjoy having some adult interaction! Here's a cute picture of the two of them playing in a space chair. They loved pushing the buttons and making things light up and talk. And yes, they are wearing capes. What else would an astronaut be wearing?
They also really loved the water table,
although they are a tiny bit too short to reach. Maddie managed
to get herself pretty wet splashing anyway.
Enjoying the dress up clothes- don't tell Jack's dad that he loved his tutu!

On Wednesday we went to the NC State Fair. It's a pretty big deal in Raleigh. At the state fair, you can buy anything in the world deep fat fried. Oreos, pickles, cheeseburgers- you name it, they deep fat fry it. That's my kind of fair.

But we mainly went to let the kiddos have some fun- which they did! Maddie was a trooper, as we were there from 12-5 and this baby does NOT nap in her stroller like most normal babies. She was SO SO tired by the end of the day, as was her mommy- it's a big fair, and I did a lot of stroller pushing and baby holding.

It was worth it though, we had so much fun. We got to go on 5 rides, and Maddie absolutley loved them. Even when she was cranky later on in the day, she would get so excited and giddy the moment each ride started. I think her favorite ride was a fire truck that swung around in a big circle. She had fun playing with her friends Henry and Jack, and she even got to hang out with another Maddie for a while.

We met up with our friends at a water fountain-
Maddie was immediately impressed, she just loves water!

Along the path was a kid-sized talking horse. All the
kiddos thought this was super cool. His name was Horace.

Enjoying the rides! It was hard to hold on to her
and take pictures at the same time!

Trying Mommy's cotton candy- hey, it's the fair, anything goes!
Needless to say, she LOVED the cotton candy.
Hence the blue stains all over her face!

Mommy and Maddie on the Ferris Wheel! Maddie
insisted on standing up the whole time. She very smartly
clung to the wheel in the middle though- not that
Mommy let go of her for a second!

It was a long day, but one I will remember for a long time. I think we'll have to make it a yearly tradition, and I'm sure I'll look back on this year longingly when Maddie was too young to beg for more ride tickets or stuffed animal prizes. Maybe they should change the state fair motto from "a whole lotta happy" to "a whole lotta exhaustion!"

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