Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1.5 going on 17

I put Maddie's hair in a ponytail today, and besides being ridiculously cute, it made her look so grown up!!! My fancy new camera had a dead battery (oops!) but I had to whip out the old camera since she was looking cuter than a puppy kissing a kitten.

Not too much new to report! Maddie is still a model of good behavior most of the time. For a toddler, she really amazes me. She eats food even if she doesn't love it, she says "please (pees or tees)" and "thank you (ta ta)" most of the time with no prompting, and she is just the sweetest girl in town giving hugs and kisses all day long. We are SO glad the weather is warm- Mads loves playing outside anywhere. We go to the park weekly and Maddie has an awesome new climber/slide on the screened in porch that we play on every day.

That's it for now! Easter pics to come next week :).

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momo said...

I am just gonna say.....back to your "Ta-Ta Thanksgiving" post.......you are welcome for teaching your baby to say Ta-Ta!!! :) She is rocking the ponytail!!!