Monday, May 17, 2010

Double whammy

I'm pretty sure it's uncool to tweet (yup, I joined Twitter!) and update your Facebook status regarding peeing in the potty, so I will do it here! We recently got a potty for Maddie, and although I don't think she is ready for full time potty training, she is definitely starting to show some interest and I'm really proud of her b/c she's already gone twice in her potty today.

When she pees, her potty sings a song, and then she gets to wash her hands and eat 1 Reece's Pieces, which is very exciting. For her. Ok, for me too. I don't want to rush potty training b/c I know it will be harder if she isn't ready, but I would really love to have her potty trained by fall since it's so much easier to do in the summer time. I guess we'll see!

Maddie continues to be a wonderful, sweet little girl. Her vocabulary has started expanding, and her current favorite words are "uh-oh (which she says whenever she sees or hears another kid crying), " "wow" and "off." She's one of the most social little toddlers I've ever seen- she will walk right up to a group of kids and sit down in the middle and start playing. She is still a great listener and honestly, the tantrums are few and far between. Still a good eater too, which is awesome.

She LOVES to be outside, so we usually go to either a park or a playground every morning and wear ourselves out. She's finally down to one nap, but it's a GOOD nap- usually 2.5-3.5 hours in the afternoon. Being a SAHM to a toddler is physically tiring for sure, but I really adore this age. She is so funny and happy and SO sweet! I think I have it easy with her- she's pretty independent and likes to play on her own a lot (unless there are other kids around), and she's very flexible. I know the "terrible 2's" are approaching, so I'm soaking in the sweetness now!

Here are just some random pics that I've taken during playtime over the last couple of weeks!

Playing in the yard in her inflatable pool- this girl LOVES water!

Playing peek-a-boo at the playground

Taking a rest on a park bench-I know I'm biased but isn't she just the cutest kid ever??

Riding around with her BFF Jack at a playdate!


momo said...

This little booger is growing up WAY TOO FAST! STOP! :)

Becky said...

Go Maddie! That's great she's interested in the potty, what a big girl!!

Jaime said...

Love the peek-a-boo photo! Such crisp eyes (and very beautiful ones at that)