Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A day in the life of Miss Mads

Every morning, we go somewhere to play and deplete some of that crazed toddler energy so that Maddie will take a nice long afternoon nap. This morning, we went to Durant Nature Park and went on a little expedition. So, without further ado, a morning with Maddie:

First, the most important lesson learned today: How to splash in puddles!
Guess it's time to buy some rain boots, huh?
Wandering off into the woods
Running as fast as she can towards the water. This is where
those good listening skills come in to play, lol!
Uh-oh, maybe we're going the wrong way?
Definitely time to stop for a snack break
So tired, she can't even hold her cup. Maybe time to head home?
Oh wait- a squirrel! Let's see if it wants to play...
It didn't. To the car we go! So what do we have to show for our morning of adventure?
One wet and dirty bottom,
two VERY wet and dirty shoes/socks/pant legs
and one happy, tired little girl!

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momo said...

Love this post......and of course the subject was great too! :)