Thursday, August 5, 2010

One day, I'll be a year...then I'll be TWO, then three, then four


Well, amazingly enough it is almost Maddie's 2nd birthday! I swear, you blink and a year passes by.


Maddie had her 2 year appt today and she was SO good. She turns into such a little velcro baby when we're at the doctor, which is so unlike her. But once I convinced her I wasn't going anywhere, she sat perfectly still while the doctor listened to her heart/chest, she opened her mouth wide for him to look at her teeth, and she even giggled a little when he looked in her ears (I guess it tickled!). She had to get one shot (last one for a long time, yay!), and she was such a big girl. She didn't even cry, and got to pick a toy out of the toy chest for being such a great patient.


The doctor wasn't overly concerned about her speech, but agreed that it's probably time to get her evaluated, so we will be setting that up soon. I had a feeling that Mads has been doing a lot of growing in the last few months, and I was right- she is not so petite anymore!!! I guess her Daddy's genes are finally kicking in a little. She jumped from about the 20th% to 40th% in height, and from about 17th% to 30th% in weight!


Official stats:
Height: 33.5" 40th%
Weight: 25lb, 5 oz 30th%

Other than the speech thing, Maddie is doing great! She continues to be a great listener, and an all around happy, sweet little girl. We are seeing more and more of the terrible 2's (June was pretty much an entire month of awful behavior), but for the most part Mads is still a fantastic little toddler! Baby dolls/stuffed animals are still her favorite thing to play with, and Yo Gabba Gabba continues to be her favorite show/obsession. I will be updating again soon with pics from her Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd birthday bash!


In the meantime, these are some two year pictures that I took a couple of nights ago at Duke Gardens. The lighting was beautiful, the gardens were beautiful, and Maddie was somewhat cooperative and devastatingly cute. Here's a link to all of them!!









Ashley Sisk said...

What a great photo shoot! She is quite the little lady. Happy Birthday Maddie.

momo said...

don't blink again....she will have a little one of her own. love these pictures...she is our precious angel! Happy 2nd birthday Miss Maddie Grace, Grace, Grace...

Jaime said...

She is so cute and seems to enjoy the photo shoot. I hope that keeps up. Fabulous!