Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conversations in the car

I have to share some Maddie hilariousness that happened in the car tonight. I have to admit, sometimes I am driven crazy by the NON-STOP chatter in the car, mainly because it's usually all about Lion King. But sometimes it can be pretty entertaining, as it was tonight, when Maddie was discussing the names of her future children.

She will have two girls, one baby and one big kid. The big kid's name will be Crackly Tree, nicknamed Cowie, and the baby's name will be Shiny. And I will be their grandmother and I can take care of them while Maddie goes to meetings. When I asked her what her job will be, she said cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After that conversation, I figured I should probably make sure to write it down. And this was after a pretty funny dinner when she kept confusing the word "spicy" with the word "tasty." Which, come to think of it, may explain why she likes to tell me that she doesn't like tasty food, lol! Three year olds are pretty darn funny.



Jill said...

Ok. That just made my day. HA!

Laura said...

OMG. I just laughed so hard I got the "look" from Z. haha! That was awesome!