Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The results are in...

I wanted to do a separate post about the weight loss that happened from Whole30, because it's really not the focus of the plan. Whole30 is about making your body healthier, not skinnier. The two do go hand in hand sometimes though, and I definitely lost weight. I have always stored the majority of my fat in my stomach, and some in my boobs. So the more weight I gain, the more I look pregnant :). Having CF and especially after having a kid, I will always have a little tummy. But it was getting a little out of control before I started Whole30!

I only really weigh myself at the doctor, but I know I weighed around 131-132 lbs before starting Whole30. This is also what I weighed the day before I gave birth to Maddie. SO- needless to say I didn't mind losing a few lbs so I could fit back into some non-stretchy pants.

In these pictures, I tried to replicate them as closely as I could. I am sucking it it in in all three pics- yes, even the first, lol. Remember, that's where I carry my weight! I wanted it to be as accurate as possible, so no lighting or angle tricks.

Weight Day 1: 131-132
Weight Day 31: 118

Breaking news alert: eating healthy food makes you lose weight, haha. Also, this was without exercise, just diet changes. My plan now is to add in more calories, but also start exercising more. I'm hoping to maintain what I have now, I'm very happy with this and don't want to lose or gain.


Swansons said...

Heck yeah, Jenny, that's awesome. Thanks for sharing

Laura said...

That is very awesome! Proud of you for sticking with it! And you look great!