Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Mike and I went yesterday to have first trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities like Downs Syndrom and Trisomy13. They just do an ultrasound and bloodwork to determine if you are at a higher risk for these, and if you are then you can do further testing. We went to the Raleigh UNC office, which is at Rex Hospital, and liked it sooo much better than the Chapel Hill UNC office. Just a lot newer, nicer, and so much easier to get in and out of- not to mention it's 30 minutes closer to our house. Since it is the same group, we are thinking that I might switch permanently to Rex.

We met with a genetic counselor, then went in for the ultrasound (my first abdominal one, yay!). They had the fancy shmancy machine that does the 3-D (or is it 4-D? I can never remember) pictures, so that was awesome!!! I'm so glad that Mike decided to come b/c it was definitely the best appointment yet. The ultrasound took about 30 minutes, b/c the technician kept trying to get the baby to roll over, and the baby refused. Already stubborn! Lots of kicking and waving of the fists though, in protest to all the jiggling. We'll get official results in about a week, but the ultrasound looked really good and way below the higher risk category.

So here are my pictures!!! I carry them around everywhere with me, I can't stop looking at them! I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the 3-D pics, b/c it's so detailed that you can really see what the baby looks like, and I didn't want to ruin any surprises. But I'm SO glad they did it, I love them :). If the baby had flipped over or stretched a bit, we might have gotten a guess at the gender yesterday, but since it was stubborn we'll have to wait until next month.

Sorry for the bad quality, we don't have a scanner so I just took pictures of the pictures. Oh, and the updated due date is August 23rd...Mike's birthday, LOL!


Matt and Christina said...

So cute. I carried mine around too in a pretty pink album!!

I didn't know Mike's b-day was the 23rd...that is K's too. Maybe baby B. can share their birthday too :)

Beth Anne said...

That is so amazing!!!!

John Humphries said...

One more thing... she/he looks a lot like Mike right now. I expect she/he will get much cuter!!!

Crystal said...

Love the pics. They are soo amazing.

Sarah Humphries said...

omgah that is the most precious thing i've ever seen. look at it's little legs and arms!!!!! i made all my friends come look at it. hahaha.

momo said...

Pretty darn amazing! Can't wait til March to see what we have in there!!!