Friday, February 15, 2008

Screening results are in!

The genetic counselor called me today with our official results. Since I'm 25 (well, almost), my risk starts out at about 1/750 for our child to have Downs or Trisomy 13. With the results of the ultrasound and blood test, that risk was lowered to 1/1000+. So good news!

On an unrelated note, let me tell you about our very romantic Valentine's day. I made steaks and twice baked potatoes, and riiight before we were finished with dinner I got nauseous and threw it all up. Guess we won't soon forget that one :). Good thing we decided not to go out and do an expensive meal!

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Crystal said...

Hey girl! Wanted to leave you my blog address... nothing special in it yet, gotta tell the family first.