Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend Warrior

So, I caught a little bug and got sick, so the powers that be in Chapel Hill decided it was time for me to do 2 weeks of IV's. Fun! At least I have yet to get that nasty flu that's going around. Anyway, since I'm sick my mom, aka Mary Poppins, decided to pack up her bag of magical remedies (which of course included lots of beef and cheese) and fly on up to Raleigh to take care of me for a few days. The magical bag must've worked, because my house is now clean, I'm feeling better and I think I even gained a couple of pounds!

But since my mom is the energizer bunny and can never sit still (unless of course there's an ACC basketball game on), she also decided to paint our hallway and guest bathroom, so our house got a mini-makeover too! Here's a pic of the "before" bathroom:

You can't really see it, but the walls were a tan color with kind of a greenish tint, and weren't painted well at all. Very streaky. And my pink/white stuff didn't really match the walls at all.

But noooow ::drumroll please:: here's the new bathroom!So those that come visit, be prepared for a much sexier bathroom.


momo said...

Wow....whoever did that bathroom makeover must be a pro.....:)

wombat said...

Much brighter than the old color! I think we need to get that painter up here at our house too. ;)