Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nursery Sneak Peek!

My mom was up last week and we were painting fools. We repainted the office and turned it into the new guest bedroom, and transformed the guest bedroom into the nursery! Well, to be honest she did most of it, but I helped a little :). Dad, Sarah and Kat came up for the weekend too for my birthday and we all had a great time! It was a full house with 6 people and 3 dogs, but I was so happy to have everyone here for my birthday and Easter. And I am in love with the nursery so far!

First off, here is the new guest bedroom:

And here is the nursery! I might do some sort of design in the white stripe, that is still undecided, but I already love the way it looks! Dad and Mike installed the cute chandalier and a dimmer switch so that we can check on the baby without lighting up the whole room. Yay!

Kat took this last picture, which is why it looks
a lot better than the rest, lol. The colors in this pic
are a lot more accurate than the first two (at
least they are on my computer)

The rooms look even better in person than in the pictures. I am planning on ordering furniture, bedding and a glider in the next couple of weeks. Here's a picture of our furniture. I haven't decided on bedding, but I'm pretty sure it'll be black and white. And I am going down to Greenville to pick out my glider, which was one of my birthday gifts from my parents! So everything is coming together and I will of course update with more pictures as things arrive!