Monday, March 3, 2008

Drumroll please.....

Here are some pics! We got 30 wonderful pictures today, but a lot of them are kind of creepy looking (they look like a melting alien baby) so I tried to put the most normal ones in here!!! It was so cool to see her on screen for 20 minutes. She is little wiggle worm and wouldn't sit still for a second. I'm in for lots of kicks and punches in a few weeks!

Regular 2-D profile shot

Working hard towards washboard abs
Oops! Kicked herself in the eye!

Sucking her thumb

Already posing for pictures, haha

Bring on the pink paint!!!!


Beth Anne said...


Crystal said...

So exciting!!! Congrats!

wombat said...

I was pretty sure you'd need that pink paint!

calliet said...

She's such a diva already! Love the pics!