Monday, March 31, 2008

We're almost halfway!

We're now at 19 weeks, almost halfway done! The pregnancy seems to by flying by- especially now that I like food again. I'm happy to report that I'm gaining weight and now have a definite baby belly. These pictures weren't even taken during my post-dinner bloat, so this is genuine bump :). I'm still waiting for a stranger to ask if I'm pregnant though.

I had my "big" ultrasound this morning. Even though we already knew the sex, this ultrasound was important because they took a lot of measurements and checked out the baby's heart and brain to make sure everything looks normal. I'm happy to report that she is looking and measuring exactly where she is supposed to!

She seems to be happiest curled up in a ball, but she isn't hesitating to kick and flip around a few times a day. I can feel her everyday now, and I think Mike will be able to feel her too if we can just get his hand on my stomach at the right time! I only got a couple of pictures from this ultrasound, but here they are:


Beth Anne said...

You are so stinkin' cute, Jenny!!! I doubt any strangers will ask you if you're pregnant, because you DEFINITELY look pg!

calliet said...

Great u/s pics and you look adorable! Ditto Beth Anne, you definitely look pregnant (and way too cute). ;)

Katie said...

you're such a cute pregnant lady!!! and your daughter looks like she's going to be adorable, too :)

Crystal said...

You are soo cute!! I think your little girl is going to look a lot like you!!