Friday, June 13, 2008

New Pictures!

Well, we tried for a 2nd time at Prenatal Peek today, and once again Maddie was quite insistent on not having her picture taken. The ultrasound tech jiggled and prodded and pushed, but apparently she was comfortable and didn't want to move! We decided that this means that she is going to be a very laid back, hard to phase child (instead of difficult and stubborn, which is the other possibility!).

But we did get 3 pretty good pictures. We also got to see her yawning on the video, which was really cool! She looks like a real baby in the now! She is still switching positions a lot, but only likes to lay sideways, not up and down. And she also likes to cover her face with both hands and feet. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks she'll decided that up and down is more comfy so we don't have to worry about her being breech. The ultrasound tech did say that she has a ton of hair already!

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