Thursday, June 12, 2008

Step away from the Dr. Pepper!

Well, the results are in and I do have gestational diabetes. My numbers weren't super high, but definitely high enough for them to want to monitor my sugars. I met with the CF dietitian today and got my glucose monitor, so I'll be checking my glucose levels about 5 times a day. I am also meeting with an endocrinologist that specializes in CF related diabetes next week, b/c they automatically put people with CF on insulin so that we don't have to alter our high-cal diets. I'm very relieved that I don't have to give up my milk, ice cream or ketchup. I was advised to stay away from soft drinks though, so we'll see how that goes!

It really isn't as bad as I thought it might be. I think that with a few small changes it can be easily controlled, especially since my numbers from the 3-hour test weren't crazy high. Lots of sticks, but the finger pricks don't hurt at all, and I don't mind shots so hopefully the insulin won't be a big deal either. The only downside is that my doctor mentioned that when most people with CF get gestational diabetes, it doesn't go away after the baby is born. So it might be more of a permanent adjustment.

We went to Prenatal Peek today for our exciting 4-d ultrasound, but unfortunately Miss Maddie decided that she wasn't in the mood for pictures. The ultrasound tech tried all kinds of things to get her to move (she was facing backwards and had her arms and feet covering her face), but every time she did move she managed to get in an even worse position. So we will try again tomorrow. Hopefully this is not foreshadowing her post natal disposition!

In the meantime, I have some pictures of the fun stuff that we got at the shower and have put together! We're trying to get the dogs used to all the things that vibrate, play music/sounds or just plain move.

Pack'n'play with cute little bassinet and changing table!

Swing, Boppy bouncer, Diaper Champ and cradle (Mike's
grandfather made it for him! It'll be going in our bedroom
as soon as we can figure out where to put it)

Infant stroller and carseat!

Maclaren stroller- isn't it sexy?!? We also discovered
the safety reflectors when using the flash, haha. Maddie will
be safe on our midnight strolls!

And we didn't have to put these together, but
they are just too cute not to show!!!

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I LOVE all of your stuff!!!