Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday update!

I went for my weekly appointment this morning. I had another growth ultrasound, and everything looks really good. Maddie weighs about 5 lbs 2 oz now, and is in the 18th percentile for growth. Assuming the measurements are correct (they can be off by about a pound in either direction), she should be about a 7 -7.5 lb baby, which is a perfect size! She again refused to show her face or privates, so for all we know she's a boy with 2 noses, but at least her measurements look good. And they love to tell me about all the hair she has- at this point I'll be disappointed if she has anything less than an afro!

She is still breech though- booo! I will be starting moxibustion today or tomorrow, after I meet with an acupuncturist to learn how it works. It seems a little far fetched to me, but my doctor recommended it and I'll try anything at this point! I mean really- right now I am laying upside down a few times a day with a bag of frozen veggies on my fundus and a heating pad plus music set up at my cervix- can't get much crazier than that. If that doesn't work, they have me scheduled for an external version next Tuesday morning, which I'm a tad nervous about. But I'm sure UNC does them every day, and both Maddie and I will be closely monitored the whole time.

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