Tuesday, July 15, 2008

101 uses for an ironing board

Sorry I haven't had any updates lately! Not too much has been going on since we got back from the mountains. I have started insulin shots, and while they are a bit of a pain in the butt (literally, ha!), it's not so bad. I finally got the hang of how much to use with what meals, and so my glucose levels have been very stable lately. I'm still crossing my fingers that it goes away after I give birth though- I certainly wouldn't miss it! My endocrinologist said that my numbers will probably stay low for as long as I breastfeed, so we'll re-evaluate after that.

Because of the GD, I started going to weekly appointments this week. I get a non-stress test, which is where they hook me up to 2 monitors- one records the baby's heartbeat and response to movement, and the other records contractions (but I'm not having any of those yet). I'm also getting my amniotic fluid levels checked and seeing the doctor to check on weight and all that good stuff. Maddie has passed all of the NST's with flying colors, she is a very active baby who likes to try and kick the monitor off my stomach. My fluid was a little lower this week, but still within normal range so they're just going to keep an eye on that. And my weight hasn't increased at all since I was diagnosed with GD, but at least it's not going down! My favorite weight gain food (CFA chocolate shake) has over 100 carbs, so it makes me a bit nervous to drink too many. Lots and lots of trips to Chapel Hill, which isn't too much fun b/c of the distance (and the gas prices!!!), but it is nice to check on everything so often.

She is still breech, so I am trying all sorts of crazy solutions to get her to turn. The most common suggestion is to prop an ironing board against the couch and lay on it upside down a couple of times a day. In case you were wondering, it is neither comfortable nor easy to breathe when laying upside down on an ironing board. If she still hasn't flipped by next week, my doctor is going to send me to an acupuncturist (maybe they'll poke her and convince her to turn). If that doesn't work, we will try an external version where the doctor tries to manually turn her. It's supposed to be pretty painful, so she said if it hurts too much, she just stops and we'll schedule a c-section. I am really hoping to avoid that b/c I know my recovery will be a lot harder, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

The nursery is almost done! Mom made some really cute valances and she is finishing up the bumpers (which are SO cute). All our furniture is put together and it looks so great. I am finishing up wall decor and little finishing touches, so I will post finished pictures soon! All of Maddie's clothes/sheets/blankets/everything else have been washed and are ready to go, so as soon as she's ready hopefully she'll come on out! I've been thinking this whole pregnancy that I would go early, but now that I'm getting closer I'm getting nervous that it might not happen. I am quite uncomfortable and not sleeping too well, so I still have my fingers crossed for early to mid August!

That's all for now folks! I'll post new belly pictures (here's a preview- it's huge!) and nursery pictures later this week.

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My Endo Journey said...

Hey-it's "CharlotteBelle" from the old knot/nest. Anyway, CONGRATS, I see you are pregnant!!! :) VERY exciting! :)