Saturday, July 26, 2008

My homage to the 50's housewife

Updated belly pic, which I like to call "Barefoot and Pregnant in the Kitchen."
Also- I got so excited when I saw this on the scale tonight that I had to whip my camera out....woohoo! That means I've now gained 15 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight, but almost 25 since 1st trimester! My original goal was to hit 140, and I might not make that but I'm really happy with my progress in the last couple of weeks. I can be seen outside of various Triangle Chick-fil-a's shooting up insulin before heading in for a delicious, chock full of awesome calories chocolate shake.
The moxibustion hasn't worked yet- but luckily for me no neighbors have called the police reporting their pregnant neighbor outside smoking pot. My acupuncturist gave me his number for them to call in case that happened- guess it's a common occurrence! Luckily I have my handy dandy mini fan to keep all the gross smoke away from my lungs.

That's it for now. For the first time since I've been pregnant, I allowed myself a half glass of wine with dinner(no worries, it's doctor approved) and it's got me ready for bed! And can I just say that wine seems to be much more effective than Tylenol for relieving that back pain. I'm already looking forward to my first post-delivery martini! Or maybe they'll serve one up in the hospital before my version on Tuesday morning? One can only dream....

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