Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fancy Schmancy Pants

Thanks to my AMAZING camera that my darling husband gave me for my birthday, the number of Maddie pictures have risen to new heights. Since Shutterfly tends to mess pictures up by cropping them weird, I've switched to Flickr for hosting my photos. I mean, I'm a photographer now that I have a fancy schmancy (that's a technical term there, don't worry if it's over your head) camera, so I can't have Shutterfly ruin my art, right? Ok, ok- I really just like Flickr b/c it lets me look at pictures of my sweet baby really big.

So if you were a previous stalker of Maddie's Shutterfly site, feel free to stalk my new Flickr site. I've divided it up into nice little categories so that you can only look at what you want- or just check out my photostream to see all of my latest pictures. I am the first to admit that I take WAY too many, but I'm getting to know my camera and trying to learn to take a decent picture here and there. So here ya go, let's link this baby up:

My photostream

Maddie Pictures (only Mads in these)
Non-moving subjects (so much easier to photograph btw)
Sweet doggies
My peeps (Maddie will appear in these too, but so will some other cool people)

There are RSS feeds if you're a lazy stalker and want to subscribe to a particular set (Mom, I'll show you how to do it :P). That's all for now!

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