Thursday, April 5, 2012

Au revoir Paris!

How is it our last day in Paris already??? I feel like we have done so much and yet barely anything at all. I do know that plenty of delicious food has been eaten already, and we all know that is the most important aspect!

This morning we planned on touring the catacombs of Paris, which is supposed to be pretty cool and creepy, but it turns out every other tourist in Paris wanted to do it at the same time, so we declined the 1+ hour wait and headed back up to the right bank in search of Ladureé (one of the most famous macaron shops in Paris). After getting a little lost, we grabbed a quick lunch, and then mom, dad and Sarah hopped on the train to Versailles. Since I've already been, and since my body was on the verge of collapse from all the walking and eating and general merriment, I decided to skip that excursion.

As soon as they got on their train, I found Ladureé and bought a delicious assortment of macarons. My intention was to bring them home for Maddie, but it says that you have to consume them within three days of buying. Luckily I just happen to be travelling with a group of people that doesn't mind helping me out with that.

I decided to skip the metro and walk back to the hotel (my legs and feet officially hate me), and stopped for a bowl of soup à l'oignon and a kir royale at an adorable little cafe. My meal was delicious and surrounded by French natives and accordion music in the background, I felt like it was the perfect Paris lunch. I made one more stop for some hot chocolate before hobbling the rest of the way to the hotel, where I promptly collapsed and slept for 2 hours. This girl isn't used the the walking, hills and steps of the city of light!

I'm going to let Sarah do a little guest blogging on their experience in Versailles while I was sleeping at the hotel! Be on the lookout for that post. I'm currently bugging her to write it, and she is currently ignoring me.

After the crew returned from Versailles, we made the most of our last night. We first went over to the Rodin museum, which is open at night on Wednesdays, and it was very nice because we were pretty much the only ones there. After taking a collection of ridiculous pictures with the statues....

We are such thinkers

This was my favorite statue, I like to call it The 3 Bros. you know, they're just chillin' and leaning on each other naked and stuff. Bro stuff.

....and then we decided to do an exciting dinner for our last night, at Café du Commerce. I read about it online as one of the best steak frites restaurants in Paris, and it did not disappoint! We had a delicious meal and then were surprised with even more delicious desserts. We had profiteroles with chocolate sauce and a Paris-Brest, and they both were to die for!!! Sorry, they didn't last long enough for pictures.

Tried escargot for the first time....not surprisingly, I wasn't a huge fan.

Sarah liked them much better than I did!

Picture with the maitre'd...see, Parisiens can be friendly!

I still can't believe that our amazing time in Paris is only the beginning of this trip! I feel like we've already seen and done so much- but I can't wait for the next stops on our adventure!



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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I've vicariously enjoyed Paris with all of you. Safe travels to Spain. - Chuck