Monday, April 2, 2012

Paris, day 1

After we finally escaped the horrible CDG airport (the ugliest and most confusing airport ever), we hopped on the metro and dropped our bags off at our hotel. Then we wandered over to Rue Cler, which has a lovely street market where you can buy breads, cheese, wine, rotisserie meats, flowers, etc etc. We were pretty hungry by this point, so we opted to grab a seat outside a little café and order some delicious savory crêpes for lunch. Then we stopped by one of the boulangeries and grabbed an absolutely delicious baguette (we ordered "une tradition," to avoid getting a stale crappy baguette that they reserve for tourists) and some yummy beignettes.

After getting a little lost in a desparate search for a bathroom, we reached the Eiffel Tower. Always cool to see, and since it was a nice sunny afternoon we relaxed in true Parisien style on the grass. We American-ed it up a little by all whipping out or iPads while we relaxed.

After wandering a little more, we felt our lack of sleep starting to catch up with us, so we metroed back to the hotel and rested a bit. Once we felt our second wind kick in, we walked (yes, walked! Love our hotel location!) up to the Seine to see the Notre Dame and on of my favorite spots in Paris, Île St. Louis.

We stopped into some charming little shops, but mostly we were there for some ice cream from Berthillon, which was delicious (as expected!). We got a little lost walking to dinner after that, but getting lost in Paris can be a great thing, because we found some charming back streets that were bustling and had tons of cute restaurants. After a yummy dinner, we hobbled back to the hotel for a much needed good night's sleep! On the way, I grabbed a hot nutella crêpe- let me just tell you, there is no better way to end your day!

Sorry for the late post, we forgot to take our cameras out with us on the first day, so I was trying to get them from Dad's phone, but that doesn't seem to be working tomorrow's post will have pictures, I promise!

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