Monday, April 2, 2012

Paris, Day2

I started out today a little worried about what we were going to do- a LOT of stuff in Paris is closed on Mondays. But we knew for sure that Sacré Coeur was open, so after sleeping in late (that time change is a killer!) we grabbed some croissants for breakfast and headed up to Montmartre. We saw the beautiful Sacré Coeur, then wound our way from the top of the hill to the bottom.

We stopped in one cute little shop and got Maddie an adorable fork and spoon set. In that same shop they had some really cute baby's first ashtray and lighter, but we decided to pass on those.

Oh, just my sorority girl pose in front of an adorable French window

After lunch, we sought out a candy store that we read about before coming over, called L'etoile d'or. It is run by a fabulously French, kooky lady named Madame Acabo, and we bought some of the most delicious chocolate and caramels that I have ever tasted. Despite leaving with a bag full of candy, we do not have much left to show for it already- oops!

Lots of chocolate bunnies in preparation for Easter

Maybe the worst picture ever taken, but these are the adorable little silver trays you get to hold your chocolate that you want to buy.

Me and the cutest chocolate store owner ever! Love Mme Acabo!

After the chocolate shop we came back for a quick rest (we seem to do that a lot- Paris is exhausting!) and the set out on a search for a delicious dinner. Not hard to find in Paris, we decided we really wanted fondue- I'm pretty sure I emerged from the womb really wanting fondue- and we picked well! We had the most delicious cheese fondue ever for entrée, then mom and Sarah ate raclettes and Dad and I ate steak au poivre. I tried rosé wine for the first time and LOVED it.

La Luge- délicieux!

Sooo excited about that cheese (and rosé)

On the way home, we stopped for crêpes (obviously!) , except our French expert (that would be moi) had a little too much rosé with dinner and misread the sign, thinking "coco" meant chocolate. It's coconut, oops! All in all, another fabulous day in Paris! J'adore cette cité!

Some random pictures from the day:

In the metro

Sarah in front of the Moulin Rouge

Sorry if are any is way past my bedtime! Bon nuit!

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