Monday, February 2, 2015

2015- The year I went crazy and decided to try Whole30

For those of you that know me well, no- it's not April 1st.  Jenny Humphries, queen of hot meat carnivore-ism, is starting Whole30 today. For several years now I've been interested in the role of diet in inflammation. I also know that I consume waaaaay too much sugar- mostly in the form of soft drinks. And candy. And brownies. And everything I eat ok ok ok. I've talked with my nutritionist about it before, gotten some pamphlets, seen what foods they recommend and promptly dismissed the idea because I hated all of those foods.

SO- for me, Whole30 is an effort to break bad food habits and change the way I think about and use food in my daily life. I want to feel how the food choices I make affect my body. I don't really care if I end up losing weight or not- in fact, I will be making a concerted effort to take in lots of calories to make up for all of the junk food and soft drinks that are part of my usual diet. I am at a weight that it would not be detrimental if I lost 10-15 lbs, but for me this is not the focus or the goal. 

The main reason I've decided to blog about this is because I am an extremely interesting person and everyone wants to know the details of my life. KIDDING. I actually can't imagine that anyone will find this the least bit interesting, but I feel a lot more accountability if I put this out there and can't just quietly quit two week (or two days) in. #peerpressure4lyfe

 Also, if anyone is interested at all in the Whole30 program, maybe they can get more info via my experience. I very strongly believe that if I can do this for 30 days, anyone in the world can, haha. Have I mentioned I hate fruits and vegetables? And water?

For those that are not familiar with Whole30, here are the rules. For 30 days, the following foods are off limits:
1. dairy
2. grains
3. added sugar (this includes any sweetener, fake or real- splenda, honey, agave, etc).
4. alcohol 
5. legumes (green beans are fine)

There is a lot of scientific research and thought behind these exclusions. If you are interested in the "why," I recommend reading the Whole30 book. It's very interesting and makes you think twice about what you're eating and how it's affecting you.

Here I go! I am starting on 2/2 instead of 2/1 because yesterday just happened to be Chocolate Fest in Hershey, and I'm crazy....but not that crazy. I'm going to try and blog every day. Maybe. If the lack of Dr. Pepper doesn't leave me on bed rest. Which it might. 

Day 1
Scrambled eggs with spinach and a side of bacon
I've never really eaten eggs before except in fried rice. These were ok...they are better in fried rice, haha. I found some sugar free, uncured bacon at the market from the pork vendor- it was tasty!
Morning snack:
Apple with almond butter
The almond butter was very....almondy. The funny thing is, I actually like almonds better than peanuts. But I'm used to sugary peanut butter. I liked it ok, I think I can get used to it.
Chicken nuggets and kale chips
I made the nuggets with almond flour and coconut flour, and they tasted a little different. Not the best nuggets I've ever had, but they were pretty good. Would be better with ketchup :). I like homemade kale chips so those were good.
Afternoon snack:
Yum- but missed my DP for sure.
Chicken w/rosemary and roasted oranges and a side of roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes

*I'm not sure if I used affected/effected correctly in this blog and it bugs me, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong. 
**I use hashtags inappropriately, so #sorry #notsorry

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Sarah said...

I am so excited you are blogging your whole30. I started with almond butter, but then i picked up cashew butter, it is so much better and has a natural sweetness from the cashews. Also, google the recipe to make ketchup. We made some for burgers and fries, its pretty good!