Thursday, February 5, 2015

Water...NOT as satisfying as a Snickers

That should totally be their new slogan.

Day 4, feeling...tired. I accidentally typed turd first, and almost left it because that's kind of how I feel. All I want to do is sleep. I'm even having trouble reading because I'm just so tired! I am typically a night owl. I usually have trouble falling asleep before about 12:30, but since starting Whole30 my eyes are closing at 10:30! I'm waking up a little earlier too. So I guess overall this is a positive change, because it puts me in a more normal sleep pattern.

A little bit grumpy today. Thursdays mean gymnastics for Maddie, and I usually drink a Coke or DP and either a bag of Cheetos or a Snickers while she's at practice. So today was a little miserable with my lousy cup of water. I wasn't even hungry, I just wanted something delish, ya know? And OMG I want some GUM. I didn't realize how much gum I chewed until I started Whole30 and realized that I am wanting it all the time.

This is supposed to be the roughest week, so.....I guess I can't complain that it's a little rough!

I have a ticket to see a play tonight, and even though I really just want to curl up in front of the tv (did I mention the wind chill is close to 0 outside!!!), but I'm making myself go because I know I'll be glad I did.

Day 4:

Breakfast: Green apple with almond butter and some bacon. I just couldn't make myself eat an egg today!

Lunch: Leftover stewed chicken with a balsamic vinegar dressing (Whole30 approved- I'll have to double check the brand and post it. It was from Fresh Market and really tasty) grapes and kale chips. I'm kind of over kale chips right now, so I may have to switch it up tomorrow at lunch.

Dinner: Leftover Creamy Chicken soup from last night. Still yummy!

No snacks today, I didn't feel like I needed them. I may have some nuts after the play if I'm hungry since I had a pretty early dinner.

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