Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I've already had more veggies in 2015 than in all of 2014

Day 2, I'm 1/15th of the way through! Ha ha....ha. Today started out a little rough, I woke up (after getting a lot of sleep) pretty tired. I felt like a zombie up until lunchtime. After that though, I started to feel more normal. I know my body is trying to figure out why in the WORLD it is not getting any sugar or caffeine.

Breakfast is definitely going to be the toughest meal of the day for me. About 75% of the time, I eat Honey Nut Chex and a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast. The other 25%, I eat doughnuts, pancakes, brownies or rice krispy treats and a glass of milk. Oops. So far I am just tolerating the scrambled eggs, they aren't my favorite. Hopefully it will get easier to eat those. The bacon is pulling me through breakfast each day!

My meals today were very similar to yesterday. I made enough for 2-3 days because I don't mind repeating meals, and this means not having to cook 3 meals a day, which is a big plus for me!

Day 2:

Scrambled eggs and bacon (blah)

Chicken nuggets and kale chips (left overs)

Afternoon snack:
cashews (yum!)

Roasted chicken with rosemary, potatoes and roasted broccoli (chicken and potatoes were leftovers)

Y'all- I ate broccoli for the first time ever! I have tried a bite in the past, but usually gagged and quickly abandoned any thought of eating this food that SMELLS JUST LIKE A FART. But cut up pretty small and roasted- it was edible. Not my fave. But I could eat it again. Does this mean I'm a grown up now??


Jenny said...

You crack me up with the broccoli! Roasted is the way to go. I like it with chili powder and garlic. Mmm!

Also, breakfast on Whole30 is totally not my favorite. I usually end up eating not-breakfasty foods for breakfast because they just taste better.

Denise said...

Haven't heard of Whole30 before but it sounds like a real challenge for you, Jenny. Proud of you for starting!!!