Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Double digits, woop woop!

I feel like I am starting to get used to this healthy eating gig. Not that I am loving it or anything crazy like that, but it's getting easier. I am still sick, but I think I have more energy than I normally would have with a cold.

That's pretty much it for today!

Day 10:

Breakfast: bacon and about 1/2 an's official. I just don't like them.

Lunch: Cauliflower rice and chicken stir fry and a couple of apple slices. It was slightly better today. I added more coconut aminos this time and cooked it for a little longer, and it was a bit easier to eat. Not something I will put in my regular rotation though.

Dinner: Bacon burger and roasted green beans. This was a great dinner- I am in love with our local, organic pork stand at the market. Everything they sell is delicious. I tossed the green beans in some garlic coconut oil before roasting and they were good.

I'm no longer snacking. I'm not sure if this is because my body is starting to understand hunger vs cravings, or if it's just because I'm sick and have less of an appetite.

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