Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ups and downs

So, this has been a hard week for me. I feel like I spend more time wanting to throw in the towel than being happy that I'm doing it. I know it's just my brain trying to convince me to feed it sugar, but let me tell you, it's doing a good job. I also don't think I ate enough today, so I'm a little tired and grumpy. I just don't get excited about meals or eating anymore. I feel like because I'm so picky, I have to force feed myself most of this food.

On the other hand- I am definitely experiencing some positives. I am not bloated, I do not crash around 4-5 pm every day. My pee is almost clear (sorry!). I am not having frequent upset stomachs, headaches and body aches, even though I am sick. I am falling asleep quickly and sleeping well. My favorite jeans fit again. That's a LOT of positives, and I'm only halfway through!

Just have to conquer those cravings! Because they are NO JOKE right now.

Day 16:

Breakfast: homemade sausage patties- got some organic ground pork at the market and added my own spices. I won't include the recipe because I think they were to italian seasoning-y and next time I'll make them simpler for sure.

Lunch: stewed chicken with balsamic dressing and roasted potatoes

Dinner: Creamy chicken veggie soup again (fresh batch). It was very good! I ate two full bowls, I was really hungry tonight.

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