Sunday, February 15, 2015

New York City! Day 1

Please excuse this break from your regularly scheduled programming! I've been meaning to do a trip report of Maddie's first trip to NYC. I don't scrap book, so this is my favorite way to look back at trips I've taken!

Day 1:
We left PA around 8:30 and got to Penn Station via Amtrak at around 11:15. I was so nervous that our train would be delayed or cancelled because this was one day after the city shut down for the "historic" snow storm that didn't happen, haha. Luckily it was a smooth ride. 

We took the subway to our hotel, the Hilton at Times Square (I tried to do as little walking on this trip as possible, since she isn't used to it and little feet tire quickly). The subway was packed going from Penn Station to Times Square, but that just added to the excitement for Maddie. Girl LOVES the subway. We came out and she got a little preview of Times Square. She started accepting pamphlets from anyone that offered, until I taught her just to say no thanks and keep walking, haha!
We checked in at the Hilton and luckily our room was already ready- hooray! We were on the 32nd floor, which was a really cool experience for both of us! We had a pretty good view of the Empire State building. I got a great deal on this room- only in January, I'm sure! It was definitely the nicest place I've stayed in NYC, as I tend to go for the cheap, closet like rooms when I'm on my own :).
After dropping off our bags and bundling back up, we headed to FAO Schwartz. The first time I visited NYC I was 13, and I remember thinking FAO was cool then- so you can only imagine what it was like for a 6 year old. She was in heaven! She had gift money from her MomMom and Papa, so she bought a small stuffed dog and some spy glasses. We also visited the candy store- original plan was to go to Dylan's, but it was SO cold and I figured we can hit that next time. She got a bulk candy bag and just got a few treats- I was proud of her restraint!

We walked back to the subway (in Central Park- we had to at least wave at CP even if it was freezing! Next time we will definitely do more there- she loves the story of Balto so that's on my list) and grabbed a pretzel and water from a street vendor. Probably not the best pretzel around, but it was hot and we were hungry so it was a good choice. 

We subway'd our way back to Times Square. I saw her eyes get as big as saucers as a giant Olaf headed towards us, so I had to give the quick spiel on how these were not always nice people dressed up and they wanted money, so we have to just not look at them and walk away. She adapted like a pro. We stopped in at Toys'r'Us to ride the ferris wheel- she LOVES ferris wheels and this one was inside a store! I won some cool mom points for that one. We did a quick walk through, but had seen enough toys and all I bought was a book for her to read about NYC.

After this we walked back to the hotel for a little rest before dinner and a show. I knew she'd need a rest to stay up late, and all the walking wears me out too! It was really cool to see the beginning of the sunset and lights coming on from our hotel window. Around 4:30, we changed into our dressier clothes, bundled up and walked down to Gyu-Kaku. I love that place, their sukiyaki bibimbap is so good. And so are their happy hour drink prices! And I knew Maddie would love doing s'mores for dessert there. It was great!

Then we walked down to the Minskoff for The Lion King! We were both very excited. I saw The Lion King in NC years ago, but I couldn't wait to see it on Broadway. For anyone that doesn't know,

Maddie has loved the movie since she was 2. Her best friend/lovie is a stuffed Simba that she takes everywhere with her. She brought him to the show of course, and he was even wearing his tuxedo (yes, she dresses him, lol). We had awesome seats- row F on the left side, aisle seats. When all of the animals started coming down the aisles, Maddie was so excited! I have to admit, I teared up a couple of times. It was a great show. And props to the ushers, they didn't mess around telling people to put their phones away or quiet their kids during the show. I wish all theaters did that!

Then we walked back to the hotel and both fell asleep in approximately .02 seconds. What a great day in the city!

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