Friday, February 13, 2015

Sometimes you just really need a tub of Dr. Pepper

Today was pretty good. I'm still not feeling great, but good enough to struggle through daily activities, so it's not too bad. Maddie didn't have school today, so we went to see Paddington, which she has been dying to see since she saw the first preview for it. It was pretty cute, and she thought it was hilarious.

The movie theater almost broke me though! I sometimes get popcorn (which ALWAYS gives me an upset stomach), so that heavenly aroma bothered me a little bit, but what was worse was no cup (bucket) of Dr. Pepper to accompany the movie. I wanted one so bad I even considered quitting Whole30 today. Just for a minute, but man...I REALLY wanted one. Alas, I persevered. So here's a look at my food for today.

Day 12:

Breakfast: apple and almond butter

Lunch: leftover taco meat and avocado- yum!

Dinner: I tried out a new wing recipe tonight and had kale chips too. The wings were pretty good. Not great, and certainly not the teriyaki that I'm craving, but they were tasty. I didn't have fish sauce (actually I did, but mine has sugar in it, WOMP), so I'm wondering if that's why they didn't look quite as good (and maybe taste quite as good) as they were supposed to.

Here's what the picture on the recipe looked like:
Those look crazy delicious, right?

Here's what mine looked like:
And this was after I cooked them longer and even broiled them for a few minutes...oh well!

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Anita said...

Those are the most anemic looking wings I've ever seen. Lol. Womp, womp.