Friday, February 6, 2015

Cupcakes and sprinkles and nutella...oh my!

Is it day 5? I think it is. Today had it's ups and downs, but overall I think today was a win. I am NOT a zombie today, hooray! I felt quite normal, no longing for a mid afternoon nap. I've also noticed that the bloating that I usually have is gone. In celebration of this fact I wore jeans instead of leggings today.

Today was challenging because Maddie had to bring in a treat to school for her half birthday (they are not in school for her real birthday). We made cupcakes and OMG THEY SMELLED SO GOOD. I'm not a huge frosting lover, but I could have made a serious dent in those cupcakes. I was good though, I didn't even lick my fingers (which would actually be super gross since we were cooking for her class)!

Then, when she got home from school she informed me that she clipped up to pink today- pretty much the highest of the high in her class, meaning her behavior went above and beyond expectation today. It's really hard to get to pink (have to go through blue and purple first), so whenever she does we get a little treat. Today she picked Rachel's Creperie, which just happens to have super delicious crepes and Nutella hot chocolate. So it was a bit of a bummer to go there and order a water. At least Maddie chose a smoothie and not something delicious. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Still struggling with breakfast, but other meals were great today. That combined with my lack of sleepiness- I'm hoping that I'm turning a corner in this Whole30 adventure!

Day 5:

Breakfast: Apple and bacon...I know, I know, this is not a good breakfast. I've got to figure out a way to like eggs better.

Lunch: Leftover stewed chicken with balsamic dressing, grapes and toasted pecans. Struggled with not having a veggie at lunch today. I was out of kale chips and was a little sick of them anyway. The toasted pecans (with ghee and salt) were soooo good though. Made enough to save for snacks.

Dinner: Balsamic and Fig Beef Kabobs, roasted broccolini and mashed potatoes. This was soooo yummy! The steak was a delicious grass fed DelMonico from the market. I made the potatoes with ghee and some chicken stock. The broccolini was just ok- I had to make myself eat all of it, but it didn't make me gag. I have lots of leftovers, so I will be eating steak and potatoes for a couple of days. Just need to figure out the veggie situation!

Here's a link to my dinner recipe

Also, here's the balsamic dressing that I put on my chicken- it's delish! I found it at Fresh Market in Pittsburgh.

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