Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back at it y'all

I'm back! I know you were all holding your breath waiting for this moment. On Sat, I came down kind of suddenly with a fever, chills, fatigue, etc. I definitely have a cold, but no fever since this weekend and I feel ok other than short of breath and a little more tired than usual. I'm not going to do a big list of what I ate when I was sick, because it's not anything to be proud of! I didn't break any rules, but I ate almost exclusively steak and mashed potatoes for 2 days straight, no veggies. Oh well. 

Breakfast continues to be a struggle. I ate a steak and spinach omelet on Sat morning, but since then I've pretty much been eating bacon or nuts and some fruit. I think I'm just going to have to be happy with that. Last night we had lamb, roasted potatoes and asparagus. So I ate some asparagus, but yuck. Not my fave.

I think it is getting easier though! I had my first food dream the other night (brownies and chocolate dipped rice krispy treats....mmmmm). I'm really excited to be in my second week. The water is getting better too- I know I'm so much more hydrated and it bothers me less to drink it all day. I may add in unsweet tea (also known as "tea" around these parts) next week for variety.

Day 9 (!):

Breakfast: roasted salted pecans and grapes

Lunch: leftover lamb and potatoes and an apple

Dinner: chicken stir fry with cauliflower "rice"
Ok y'all, let me give it to you straight. Cauliflower rice does NOT taste like real rice. You will not, at any time, forget you are eating cauliflower. All those bloggers that claim they'd chose it over real fried rice any day need to get their taste buds examined.

That said, it was ok. I knew it wasn't going to taste like rice to me. I added scrambled egg, carrots, bacon, ginger, chicken and coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute, two thumbs up) to my "rice" and it was perfectly edible. I will eat it again for lunch tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it, but I'm not dreading it either. 

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